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Welcome to my homepage

I’m a microbiologist by profession and work privately with coleoptera since 1968.

I am especially interested on:                

- beetles of northern Germany  (all families)

- Trechinae world-wide

If you need assistance for the determination of Trechus or other Trechinae, it will be a pleasure for me to help you (Exception see below) .

Address: Dr. Arved Lompe
                 Hoher Weg 2
                 D-31582 Nienburg/Weser
Phone:   +49 5021 91 20 30
+49 911 30844 11171

Spanien, Cueva del Buxo  6.6.98

T. quadristriatus and T. obtusus can be determined easily by yourself !    

The two species can be separated by their appearance only with some experience. The males can be separated very easily by their genitalia. It is sufficient to pull the tip a little bit out of the abdomen!

The overall appearance of T. quadristriatus is more slim and parallel.

T. obtusus is more oval, especially specimens without wings.

Both species are spread in Europe and frequently found.


(Fig. from Jeannel , Monographie des Trechinae)